Mid-Term ClustoxDNA Meeting

22-24 May 2006

Milton Hill Training Centre, Milton Hill, Abingdon, Oxfordshire , OX13 6AF , UK . Tel: 01235 831474.






Monday 22 nd May 2006


Late pm Arrival of delegates


19.30 Dinner (to be served in the restaurant)


Tuesday 23 rd May 2006


7.30-9.00 Breakfast


09.00-09.15 Welcome and Introduction by Sergio di Virgilio (EU), (Scientific Officer)


09.15-10.00 Project Overview, Peter O'Neill, (MRC), (Co-ordinator of CLUSTOXDNA)


10.00-11.00 I: Detailed Review by Partners Chair: Herve Menoni

Sophie Bellon, MRC , UK Mutagenic potential of thymine glycol within clustered DNA Damage

Boleslaw Karwowski, CEA, France The 5',8-cyclo-2'-eoxyadenosine tandem lesion: from quantum chemistry studies to the delineation of biological end points


11.00-11.30 Coffee break


11.30-13.00 II: Detailed Review by Partners Chair: Jerome Trzcionka

Antonio Manetto, LMU Munich , Germany - Excess Electron Transfer Through DNA Investigated with Differently Strong Electron Acceptors Reveals Complex Sequence Dependence 3

Aaron Alt, LMU Munich , Germany - Low fidelity DNA polymerase in ternary complexes with lesion containing DNA

Panagiotis Kaloudis, CNR-ISOF , Italy One-electron reduction of 8-bromopurine nucleosides


13.00-14.15 Lunch


14.15-15.30 III: Detailed Review by Partners Chair: Sophie Mourgues

Herve Menoni, ISSP-BAS , Bulgaria The effect of ATP dependent chromatin remodelling complex on Base Excision of 8oxoG within positioned canonical or variant (H2A.Bbd) nucleosomes

Andriy Khobta, UNIMAINZ, Germany Inactivation of a reporter gene by oxidative stress and by 8-oxoguanine in the transcribed DNA


15.30-16.00 Afternoon Tea


16.00-17.30 IV: Detailed Review by Partners Chair: Panagiotis Kaloudis

Cecilia Paris, UPVLC, Spain Laser Flash Photolysis and Photochemical Experiments on Nucleoside Derivatives, Model Dyads for Oxidative DNA Damage Studies

Jerome Trzcionka, UPVLC, Spain Model DNA photolesions: photosensitized formation and repair by carprofen derivatives

Thanasis Gimisis, NKUA, Greece - Synthesis, Generation and Structure Determination of DNA Base Oxidation Products


19.30 Dinner (private dinner to be served in the meeting room)



Wednesday 24 th May 2006


7.30-9.00 Breakfast


9.00-10.00 Business Meeting of PI's (in coffee area)

9.00-10.00 Meeting of Scientific Officer (Sergio di Virgilio) with Researchers


10.00-11.00 Coffee break (for Researchers)

10.00-11.00 Meeting of Scientific Officer (Sergio di Virgilio) with PI's


11.00-12.00 Concluding session (Scientific Officer, ERs/ESRs and PI's)


12.00 Lunch


pm Meeting finishes